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The resort

Style: Living Immersed in Beauty.

Welcoming comfort and exclusive tranquility.

The Punta Falcone Resort has an articulated and wavy shape, which follows and lies along the ridge of the hills and the natural slope of the terrace towards the sea.

The complex consists, in addition to the clubhouse with swimming pool, of eight independent elements that are named after the islands of the Maddalena archipelago - Lavezzi, Cavallo, Municca, Gabbiani, Spargi, Spargiotto, Santa Maria, and Razzoli. Added to these is the new 'Arborea' complex, inaugurated in summer 2022, made up of 'Luxury' apartments, each with a mini-pool in the garden, and equipped with an exclusive club house reserved for guests of this block.

The different elements are divided internally into five or six housing units each. The apartments, located on the ground floor with a separate entrance and garden, are built in the Gallurese tradition: clad in yellow San Giacomo granite, gabled roofs with exposed interior beams, antiqued roof tiles and tiles, large loggias and Sardinian granite columns.

From each apartment there is a panoramic view of the Straits of Bonifacio and the surrounding islands. The Porto Quadro beach is 300 meters from the residence and is accessed via a 'nature' path through existing holm oaks, junipers and Mediterranean scrub.

Sea view

Every apartment in the resort has a beautiful sea view.

A place to feel protected by the security service that operates every day of the year on the property and people, providing access control and uninterrupted vigilance over the properties. Two fundamental elements that serve to ensure the quality of your stay and people's peace of mind. Refined environments where you can breathe in an atmosphere of relaxed custom. A network of acquaintances and absolutely level-headed people with an identical passion for beautiful and valuable things. To be sure to experience the vacation in absolute confidentiality and privacy. An intact surrounding environment in the beauty of nature that remains intact to increase in value over time.

Vigilance and respected environment.

The resort has further implemented the beauty of the place by devising a formula capable of maximizing its qualities. Innovative and improving services that represent a leap forward in the philosophy of vacationing. A concierge service makes it possible to prepare the house on demand, so that you can arrive and find the house air-conditioned and ready as you like it, stocked with groceries to your liking in the refrigerator. A car, if requested, will pick you up at the airport and drop you off in front of the house, to find the luggage you have also brought directly into the house.

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What does Punta Falcone Resort offer its guests


There is the one at the Resort, dedicated to guests, there are the charming and exclusive ones that dot the entire Costa Smeralda, there are the young and full of life ones in Santa Teresa ...

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Punta Falcone Resort's apartments are as unique and beautiful as outbuildings, and at the same time allow you to experience a vacation like in a suite ...

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It is easy to find the fulfillment of your wishes here. Whether one has an active, sporty lifestyle, with pleasure in performing activities in the air or water ...

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We are always at your disposal.



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