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Activities reserved for our guests

Enjoy unique moments during our vacation in Resort Punta Falcone

Your vacation at Resort Punta Falcone will surprise you in more ways than one.

It is easy here to realize your desires.

Whether you have an active lifestyle enjoying sports and the pleasure of activities both on land and sea;

Or you have a passion or a contemplative inclination tending more to reading, indulging in good wine and food with an interest to pastimes of historic or artistic nature;

Or should you have a passion for nature with strolls or hikes through the countryside or the parks;

Or if your passion is for the sea and boating, you can navigate by power or sail to the lovely archipelago of La Maddalena, where you can find enchanted beaches and shores, to Corsica, along the Eastern coast down to the Golf of Orosei or through the Bonifacio Straits towards Santa Teresa, the island of Asinara and Stintino.

You can find so many mythical panoramas that they can’t be counted but must be lived, chase fish with a snorkel, dive to view the coral reefs, stroll along the rolling hills of the golf courses or, why not, enjoy some good music.

During your vacation at the Punta Falcone Resort you will find a wide variety: from training courses to tournaments in the local clubs.
These are among the most beautiful courses in Sardinia, carefully planned by landscape artists to integrate into the natural habitat and exclusively designed by the greatest names in golfing architecture. While the acres of uncontaminated Mediterranean Maquis surrounding fairways and greens seem created with the passionate golfer in mind , the courses enjoy a popularity that ensures a top quality of maintenance. From the Residence Punta Falcone in a matter of minutes you can easily reach one of the courses in the area.

Affiliated Golf Clubs:

Pevero Golf Club
Tel: +39 0789 958000

Golf Club Sperone
Tel: +33 4 95 73 17 13

The Punta Falcone Resort is immersed in the north eastern coast of Sardinia which are famous for a combination of elements of rare and pure beauty.
The crystal sea recalls the tones and colors of the Caribbean tempting both above and below the surface. There as a wide variety of choices for you from simple snorkelling to one of the many local dive schools.
In particular the school of the free diving held in Santa Teresa di Gallura by the world champion, Umberto Pellizzari, who offers reserved lessons to the guests of Punta Falcone Resort.

Affiliated Diving Center:
Diving Mediterraneo

Boating excursions may be made from Santa Teresa di Gallura to the nearby archipelago of La Maddalena.
You can join the classical tourist tour or hire a power or sailboat, either will take you to a secluded and magical spot for the day. The staff of the Punta Falcone Resort will be at your disposal to organize the excursion that you desire.
The excursions usually include the islands of Razzoli, Sant Maria, La Maddalena and Caprera while touching Spargi on the return. In alternative a tour of the coast to Valle dell’Erica, Heather Valley, Porto Raphael, Caprera, Capo d’Orso, Baia Sardinia, Porto Cervo and return to Santa Teresa.

For any further information don’t hesitate to ask to our Reception

The Resort has a partnership with “Estetica Moderna” Beauty Center, active in Santa Teresa Gallura since 1978.
The Beauty Center offers personalized facial and body care treatments, using only top quality products.

Affiliated Beauty Center:
el: +39 0789 754529

When you speak of Sardinia, you easily end up with certain stereotyped concepts of the culture and tradition of this proud and formidable island.
The relative isolation in which it has existed until recent years, and the explosion of tourism, has substantially left Sardinia intact in regards to the cuisine, the produce and the eno-gastronomical traditions.
The fact is that “globalization” has made products and tastes generally indistinguishable around the world, but especially in cuisine, because today anybody can copy anything. Therefore welcome to those who, silent and attentive through the years, today can still host us at their table and offer us ancient tastes and genuine ingredients.

Affiliated Shop:
L’isola del mirto
tel. 0789 754741

The geographical position of Sardinia, strategically positioned in Mediterranean navigation, has attracted the interest of many populations throughout its history: from Nuragic civilization, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, from Romans to the Byzantines and finally the Spanish and the Savoys.
Sites of the iron and bronze age Nuragic civilization are scattered throughout the island, enormous buildings constructed with massive boulders and slabs of stone.

There are numerous sites of the Phoenician and Punic civilization, harbors part of a sophisticated commercial network as well those of the Romans, including some of the principal roads, which permit us to glimpse their incredible lifestyle. There are also important sites dedicated to the mining industry, once a fundamental part of the Sardinian economy.

Affiliated Tour Operator :
Tel: +39 3498347698

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