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Exclusive Activities for Resort Guests.
The Exclusive Resort for your Holiday in Santa Teresa Gallura.

that will last a lifetime.

It is easy to find the fulfillment of your wishes here. Whether you have an active, sporty lifestyle, with pleasure in doing activities in the air or water.

Whether one has a passion or a more contemplative and reflective inclination, more devoted to readings, good food, good wine, with a few detours to the archaeological or artistic sites that are not lacking in the area.

Whether you have a passion for nature, with walks, nature hikes and parks. Or have a passion for the sea and the boat to sail, by sail or motor, to the splendid Maddalena Archipelago where you can find enchanting pearls, or to Corsica, or along the coast looking toward Italy in the direction of the Gulf of Orosei or along the Bocche di Bonifacio channel in an easterly direction, toward S. Teresa, the island of Asinara and Stintino.

Toward the many mythical landscapes that cannot be told, but can only be experienced. Or choose snorkeling, scuba diving or relaxing walks along the slopes of golf courses. Or why not? Listening to good music.


Exclusive to resort guests.

At Punta Falcone Resort, vacation surprises you in each and every sense.

golf @ punta falcone resort


Those who choose to vacation at Punta Falcone Resort choose to be in the center of a wide range of offerings : from learning courses, to golf competitions at local clubs.

diving @ punta falcone resort


Surrounding Punta Falcone Resort is the scenery of the northeastern coast of Sardinia.

boat excursions @ punta falcone resort

Boat Excursions

Direct boat trips can be made from Santa Teresa Gallura to the nearby islands of the Maddalena archipelago.

beauty center @ punta falcone resort


The center offers personalized treatments to maintain body and facial aesthetics, using only the highest quality products.

food and wine @ punta falcone resort

Food and wine

Forget everything you thought you knew about this powerful island, because it's time to break free from boring stereotypes and dive headfirst into its rich culture and traditions.

archaeological sites @ punta falcone resort

Archeological Sites

Sardinia's very location, strategically positioned in the Mediterranean trades and routes have made it a point of reference for many peoples who have conditioned its history: the Nuragics, Phoenicians and Carthaginians, then the Romans and Byzantines, and finally the Spanish and the Savoyards.

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