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punta falcone resort

Punta Falcone

RESORT: Borgo arborea charming resort

Borgo 'arborea'
charming retreat

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Punta Falcone Relais.


An exclusive retreat
among the pearls of Sardinian hospitality overlooking the sea of Sardinia.

Punta Falcone stands, as the poets would say, where the sea of the Strait of Bonifacio is lost in the blue sky. It's really nice to get there, along the road from Santa Teresa Gallura that loses itself among ilex groves, junipers and Mediterranean scrub, to reach a natural terrace that overlooks one of the most beautiful seas in the world.

Corsica practically in front with Bonifacio, Lavezzi, and Cavallo and the islands of Spargi and Budelli to the EAST. Underfoot a spur of granite rock in one of the most exclusive and spectacular areas of Sardinia. What was already marked as a place of passage of trails and mule tracks, Punta Falcone, is now the location where the residence of the same name is located.

Sea view

Every apartment in the resort has a beautiful sea view.

Being at Punta Falcone Resort means being close to everything that matters: the most prestigious golf courses, the beaches and clubs of Gallura and the Costa Smeralda, the ports and marinas where magic lands every summer.

punta falcone resort sardinia

Borgo Arborea Charming Retreat.

A new chapter of serenity and luxury.


The Punta Falcone Resort is enriched with a new, shining pearl: Arborea Charming Retreat, an exclusive refuge designed for those seeking a unique stay experience, immersed in the most refined comfort and absolute privacy. Arborea represents the perfect harmony between the natural elegance of Sardinia and modern design, offering guests a new dimension of luxury and well-being.

Arborea stands out for its privileged location within the Punta Falcone Resort, offering an oasis of tranquility where guests' privacy is sacred. Designed for those who want to detach themselves from the world without giving up charm and high-level services, Arborea is the ideal choice for an escape from the daily routine.

Guest House

The Guest House, for the exclusive use of 'Arborea' guests, is made up of a welcoming lounge, a modernly and comfortably equipped 'kitchen' area, and a well-stocked pantry at the complete disposal of guests, open 24 hours a day.

Arborea body

The housing units are spread over 2 separate buildings. The typologies are divided into: - Prestige Suite one bedroom Apartment (BILO) - 5 units - Prestige Suite two bedroom Apartment (TRILO) - 3 units In detail: The housing units take their name from the characters who characterized the medieval history of the Giudicato of Arborea in the historical Giudicale period in Sardinia.

live the Arborea experience live the Arborea experience

luxury suite arborea charming retreat

Arborea Charming Retreat is your gateway to an unparalleled holiday experience, where luxury, nature and privacy come together in an unforgettable Sardinian dream.

Every detail in Arborea has been taken care of to ensure an unparalleled stay. From the Prestige Suites equipped with every modern comfort to common spaces such as the Guest House, exclusive for Arborea guests, where luxury and autonomy come together in a revolutionary hospitality experience. Here, the concept of relaxation is elevated, immersed in unique design environments, designed for total well-being.

At Arborea, each guest is invited to live their holiday according to personal desires and rhythms. From gastronomic experiences in the intimacy of your suite to outdoor adventures exploring the natural and cultural wonders of Sardinia, Arborea opens the doors to a world of possibilities, with the certainty of impeccable service ready to satisfy every request.

Immersed in the splendid natural setting of the Punta Falcone Resort, Arborea offers not only a luxurious retreat, but also a unique point of connection with the surrounding environment. From the private terraces you can enjoy the view of the crystalline sea, while the scents of the Mediterranean garden envelop the senses, inviting moments of pure relaxation and contemplation.

We are waiting for you to discover together this new chapter of excellence within the Punta Falcone Resort.

Our Apartments


Bilocale ‘Don Efisio’ Prestige Suite

Bilocale ‘Don Fernando’ Prestige Suite

Bilocale ‘Don Barisone’ Prestige Suite

Bilocale ‘Don Mariano’ Prestige Suite

Bilocale ‘Donna Matilde’ Prestige Suite

Trilocale ‘Donna Eleonora’ Prestige Suite

Trilocale ‘Donna Elena’ Prestige Suite

An unforgettable stay, where luxury, comfort and authenticity come together to create a one-of-a-kind experience.


Via La Ficaccia 37/39 07028 Santa Teresa Gallura (OT)



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The most beautiful beaches in Sardinia are close to the Punta Falcone Resort.

There are truly beaches for all tastes and moods in this corner of the world where nature cleverly plays with a few elements : limestone rocks, crystal clear water and sand.


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